Krazy Mantra values your privacy, sensitive information. Your personal information is highly sensitive. For us it’s significant to treat it ethically in accordance with the laid down policies.
The policy makes it clear - you can visit & access the Krazy Mantra portal without sharing your e-mail information. Our authentic web servers record the domain names. It’s intended to count the number of visits, time spent on the portal, pages viewed only. Your accessing of Krazy Mantra portal indicates your unconditional approval to record the domain names.
In the interest of the visitors, we have laid down strict ‘Privacy Policy/ Terms of Use’ guidelines. These guidelines are adhered in ‘Letter and Spirit’ which include:
In case if you think, your trust has been breached, violated, you can reach out to us via ‘Contact Us’ page. We will be more than pleased to address your grievance's.
Krazy Mantra portal comprises links to other portals. Our policy drives us to affiliate with other portals, displaying high standards of privacy policies. However, the company, Krazy Mantra makes it clear that the company shouldn’t be held responsible for damage caused by the privacy practices being used by other sites.