HR Services

Human Resource Services

Human Resource department is one of the core parts of your company or organization. It should efficiently maximize the performance of your employees for the benefit of your company's objectives and aims.Being one of the top Human Resource and recruitment agencies in India, Krazy Mantra offers end-to-end Human Resource Services to enterprises, ranging from small size business to global company. Also we have been offering top-notch Human Resource services for companies in various sectors.

Our Recruitment Process:

  • Planning

    Our first period of work begins with Planning. At this stage, we get a top to bottom comprehension of the customer's necessities and objectives. This furnishes us with the information on the client’s / customer's point of view which causes us start the way toward process of finding the best talent

  • Research & Development

    This stage further comprises of different sub-divisions where, our dedicated team of recruiters categorizes the correct abilities / talent dependent on aptitudes, experience, performance and execution. After a thorough analysis of the profiles, the abilities are positioned according to the parameters. From that point, we set forth and offer these profiles with the customers / clients.

  • Preliminary Screening & Interview

    Our group of specialists conduct preliminary screenings where shortlisted applicants are surveyed on their Key Result Areas, Compensation Package, Job Title, Job Location and different subtleties. This gives us a more far reaching attitude toward the applicant and permits us to navigate them for the right opportunity

  • Validation

    Our group knows about the significance of legitimate information and data. Accordingly, we guarantee to direct an intensive approving check reasonably through a discreet reference check process. Krazy Mantra trusts in conveying the most genuine data to the customers /clients and prospective candidates.

  • Client Interview

    Krazy Mantra believe that face-to-face interaction for our customer / client to get an understanding from of the experts they wish to recruit /hire. Hence, we channel the interview process between the applicant and the organization, so the two of them can talk and discuss about points of interest.

  • Closure

    Krazy Mantra believes in delivering the recruitment services with full enclosure. This contains finishing the remuneration, the joining date and the offer letter. We also guarantee to keep up a long-term relationship with our customers / clients and the candidates for seamless mutual assimilation.

Why Krazy Mantra HR services :

  • One click solution of your staffing needs
  • A database of more than 20 million potential industry assets
  • 200+ Freelance Associates to provide expert advice so you can have the best in the industry
  • In depth talent search on enterprise level among close competitors gives us the unique ability to provide you what no one can

Benefits of HR Services:

                    Resources on board
Expert Resources on board

Wide Industry Experience
Wide Industry Experience

Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction

Hunting Right Talents
Hunting Right Talents

Looking for the top-notch HR Services in India?

Happy Client

Valuable Clients

Public Sapient
Gig Sky


Why Krazy Mantra Human Resource / HR Service ?

* In 10 years we’ve left our mark in the Board Rooms of companies, whose chairs now seat an Entry Level candidate recruited by us.
* By the time you are finished reading this page, our 15000+ successfully placed candidates will have generated $40000 * in Revenue.
* How do you know we’ve got your back? 20 million+ talent database.
* And how is our sourced candidate unique? In depth talent search on enterprise level among close competitors.
* Do we authenticate CVs and give you refined choices? 200+ Expert Associates from multiple industries.
* Our growth is a testament to the success of 450+ happy clients in various industries.
* Clients spread across 20 countries, in 4 continents.
* Having 600+ years of cumulative experience we have 125 multilingual recruiters. Some even claim to speak High Elvish.
* But Binary is our specialty - Expertise in IT staffing.
* Do you know what happens when you automate efficiency? 70% cost reduction
* Footprints in Las Vegas, Munich, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai.
* ISO 27001 certified - Unless someone hired DiCaprio toinvade our dreams, your Data is Safe.

What services do our human resources services provide?

Krazy Mantra provides end-to-end Human Resource Solutions to enterprises, ranging from small size business to global companies.Our HR Services Includes :
* Talent Acquisition
* Training and Development
* Payroll Management
* Outsourcing
* Permanent Staffing
* Temporary Staffing
* Contractual Staffing
* Staff Augmentation

Why Should outsource HR services? The benefits of outsourcing !

Key Points why to outsource HR Services.Benefits of it
* Flexibility
* Save time
* Less risk
* Increases Efficiency
* Market Knowledge
* Employer Branding
* Cost-Effective Services
* Easy Risk Management
* Recruitment Knowledge
* HR department functions smoothly
* Get access to more, better candidates
* Management of Employee Performance and Organizational Development

What does the HR agency / company do?

That truly depends on your organization and it’s needs. HR Services can range from recruiting & hiring efforts to strategic implementation of HR programs and practices.
Some of the areas that HR services assist to your organization are:
* Recruiting & Onboarding
* Compensation & Total Rewards
* Creating & Implementing Guidelines
* Conflict Management
* Implementing HR Information Systems
* Employee Handbook Development
* Performance Management
* Employee Training & Development
* Compliance & Risk Management

Why should you do business with us?

Krazy Mantra, offers a wide spectrum of IT & Non-IT business solutions globally.
At Krazy Mantra, we enable enterprise in realizing their business objectives. We are distinct as we take pride in:
* Competency to Deliver
* Expert Resources on board
* State-of-the-art Infrastructure
* Wide Industry Experience
* Customer satisfaction